12/6/2009 - Florals, fairy tales abound in Jane Timberlake Cooper's 'Goldilocks'

Jane Timberlake Cooper, “Goldilocks.” Jennifer Hunt Gallery. Through Dec. 24.

Jane Timberlake Cooper’s use of the fairy tale as a metaphor for her works is most quickly identified in a print that centers on a golden silhouette of a rococo pull-up arm chair. Floating in a bower of crisp and bright flowers, it is a chair we might find too soft, too hard, or just right.

Cooper possesses a masterful and delightful feel for resplendent design. Overlapping flora combined with geometric shapes flood her surfaces with a vivacity and charm that inspire smiles and warm feelings in the viewer. Her prints are essentially flat, yet vibrant, explorations that are influenced by the organic nature of flowers.

In a series of aluminum sculptures, Cooper cuts the metal sheeting into free-form strips. She then bends and twists them into forms riveted at strategic joints to create a graceful, spatial effect. There are usually some suggestions of cognitive elements — a house, an apple, a piece of weaving, a chair, a rather animated electric cord.

Her work is fresh, witty and crisp. Above all, her work is an explosive and complex pattern filled with ebullience.

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