8/9/2009 - Private Collection - The Birmingham News

Private Collection. Jennifer Hunt Gallery. Through Aug. 15.
There is a reason for the popularity of art photography. It is immediately understandable, it often tells some kind of story and it always is comprehensible in visual terms.

This exhibition includes some of the most famous names in photography, such as Eisenstaedt, Christenberry and Weston. For those more knowledgeable about the medium, the names of photographers Barnbaum, Kenna, Kertesz, Mydans, Suschitzky, Tice, Ross, Burkett and Wolcott will be recognized and their work contributes significantly to the variety and quality of this show.

Almost all the photos are black-and-white. Most are reportorial and some are atmospheric. Masterful views of great vistas, stunning studies of natural textures and human interest views that accent day-to-day life show photography to be a most expressive and vivid way to record nature.

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