10/7/2007 - Changing Moods: Vintage and Modern - The Birmingham News

A new gallery that specializes in photography is currently presenting a collection of photographs by John Dersham.  Dersham's control of constantly changing atmospheric light and his precision in capturing strong contrasts in his photos of western landscapes brings to mind the work of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston.

His photos capture the sense of the majestic in panoramic views from Wyoming and Arizona.  Photos of places in the Deep South have a presence, sometimes wistful, sometimes dramatic, that recall the work of Paul Strand and Walker Evans.

A charming little neo-Gothic house is a signature statement about restoration.  A view of a car junk-yard, nostalgically titled "Where have all the hippies gone?" offers a view of a sad little hull of a Volkswagen rusting away, but with hints of carefree days lingering in its adorned surface.

This show does not break any new ground in still photography, but it offers a genuine salute to a world we know and treasure. 

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