5/3/2008 - Photography and Paintings by John Duckworth - The Birmingham News

No Tricks Necessary: Duckworth Landscapes Solid, Unique

These elegant works by John Duckworth offer a smooth matte finish that enhances the almost dream-like state of the subject matter. He successfully blends painting with photography, fusing the two approaches into a successful blend of shapes, forms, visual textures and atmospheric effects. He uses the camera as a brush, incorporating lighting and color effects through the lens of the camera. When he paints forms, such as figures on a beach, he creates his imagery in a solid, almost stolid manner that serves as illustration with an attitude. What is fascinating is that he achieves truly marvelous effects without resorting to dark-room tricks. All photo effects are ''in-camera," using changing focus techniques and color isolation steps to create unique landscapes that consist of muted and intense ribbons of color. His views of beach, ocean and sky are tonal streaks that suggest a view of infinity.

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