10/12/2008 - The Interpreter: New works by Katherine Adams - The Birmingham News

Adams' Works Invite Celebrity Memory Games

The photographs of Katherine Adams offer a stunning tour-de-force of technique and creative exploration.  She superimposes, pushes, pulls, dredges and expands the photograph into an entirely new kind of experience.  In the series, "The Interpreter," she places shadowy images on windswept sandy beaches where the water moves with tidal grace to enhance and mystify the effect of ghostly presence.

In a series of works called "Couturier Dreams," Adams uses a unique process that manipulates images in an emulsion creating elegant, delicate fabric-like shapes.  Like images from a ghostly high-fashion runway, colorful pieces of what appear to be fabric float breezily, creating frocks of sensuous delight.  Each piece is unique, evoking a kind of memory trap that is fun to explore by finding a gown pattern that suggests something worn by famous personalities.  Names such as Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Debbie Reynolds, Cyd Charisse and others come to mind, though I doubt that this association is the point in these works.  The idea is still a lot of fun. 

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