1/27/2008 - Mixed Media: Art Work by Corinne Adams, Vicki Hunt and Pam Moxley - The Birmingham News

The Jennifer Hunt Gallery is the only venue in Birmingham completely devoted to the art of photography. This exhibition is called mixed media to accommodate techniques and mediums that are applied to photographic studies, yet the core of the show remains photographed images.

For "Enlightenment," Corinne Adams photographs Leonardo da Vinci's portrait of Genevra de Benci that has an open-winged butterfly on the lady's forehead. It is momentarily startling and recalls some of the antics of the Dada movement in art. Adams also creates small cubes that show stunningly vivid zinnia blooms against a black background.

Vicki Hunt exhibits elegantly muted studies of architectural details. She shows masterful control with the use of encaustic (warm wax) that gives an inner muted glow to her work. Pam Moxley's photo of a female nude back with a bird's nest in her hair is both romantic and surreal. Moxley has mastered the use of photographic collage, mounting dark, somewhat mysterious squares that suggest damaged antique pictures.

Each of these artists takes great care in creating presentation mountings that enhance their works.

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