1/20/2008 - Vicki Hunt in Birmingham Magazine

Vicki Hunt is never without her camera.  In fact, it has a permanent seat riding shot gun in her car.  In the early 90's Hunt began taking photography special studies classes at UAB.  Today she still takes and now teaches photography classes, sells her work in several galleries and stores along with a line of gift cards using her photographic images, and is passionately devoted to promoting the art of photography.

While Hunt began her career doing black and white portraiture while she hand tinted, her photographic style continues to evolve.  Recently, she took mixed media classes and began incorporating encaustic painting over her photographs.  She pours the heated beeswax over a small, five-by-five sqare photograph and paints subtle colors and textures into the wax using a paint brush and a heat gun.  The image can be seen through the wax but is given a soft, milky appearance.  Hunt then frames the work with a thick, five or six inch frame to add greater depth and drama.  Hunt is inspired by a variety of subject matter including the rural South, European architecture, store mannequins and, more recently, images of the homeless.

A Birmingham native, Hunt has lived in Atlanta for the past 10 years where she is involved with a program called Atlanta Celebrates Photography.  This month-long event spreads interest and enthusiasm for fine art photography through displays of photography for sale at area restaurants, coffee shops, and other businesses along with lectures and portfolio reviews.  The event has helped invigorate interest in photography in the Atlanta art scene.  As Hunt plans her move back to Birmingham this spring, she's hoping to start a similiar organization in Birmingham with the help of her daughter-in-law, Jennifer Hunt, owner of Jennifer Hunt Gallery in Cahaba Village.

Through February 23 Jennifer Hunt Gallery, the only art gallery in Alabama primarily focused on photography, will show photographic based mixed media work by Vicki Hunt along with Atlanta artists, Pam Moxley and Corinne Adams.  Says Jennifer Hunt, "All three ladies use a wide mix of materials, but the end result is beautiful, sleek and polished.  The subject matter goes from elegant to edgy."

Visit vickihunt.com or jenniferhuntgallery.com for more information and to view more of Vicki Hunt's work. 

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