Kim Riegel - Artist Statement

Mysterie & Magick

Stories.  Be it fairytales, myths, or legends, they intrigue the imagination.  Throughout history, in every nation of the world, stories abound of the unknown--an attempt to explain the unfamiliar and to make sense of what we don’t understand.

They are the stuff of uncertainty:  Do ghosts exist?  Are ley lines truly places of power?  Can fairies be seen if looked for out of the corner of the eye? Where are the hidden and ancient cities of gold?   Does a love spell work if the right ingredients are found and directions precisely followed?  If a person could travel in time, would that affect the future or change the past?

Universal themes echo throughout these stories, regardless of the time or culture in which they were told or written.  They deal with the connections of life:  creation, destruction and resurrection; transformation through a journey or quest; spiritual and sexual awakening; redemption and revelation; love, family, and relationships; opposition and harmony.  The ideas of a higher power, existentialism and ego/self are addressed time and again.  These tales resonate within the human spirit.

Stories are metaphor and the expression of life in symbolic form.   Is there life after death?
They are transcendent.  How did the world come into being?
They are archetypal.  Is the hero worthy of the sacrifice?
They are powerful.  Does love conquer all?

They are us.