Susan Barmon - Artist Statement

The Botanical Series began in 2005 after a serious illness in the family required me to be home more and doing my portrait work less. I was inspired by a fellow photographer who showed me work she was doing moving flowers while scanning them. Eliminating the camera and scanning the actual flower was intriguing. I found extraordinary detail and depth revealed in the scanned arrangements.

Creating the layout for this series is challenging. It requires my skills as a photographer even though the camera is not involved. My experience as both a photographer and graphic artist influence the outcome of all my botanical pieces. It is painstaking and satisfying work making an arrangement that is visually pleasing.

I use the black background for the floral arrangements for the same reason I use it in my portrait work, it makes the subject pop and brings out all the details, however minute. It is the constant in all my botanical pieces.

This has been a very compelling ongoing series that has been born out of adverse circumstance. It is an amazement to me that so much beauty can spring from the depths of despair.